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I recently hit 30, we went on an amazing trip way down south.   I’ll be uploading more photos in the coming days but now I have to dash to work. I might be getting older but I can’t seem to leave my errant ways .



Burning bush

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This was the most important shot in my camera last year. And I didn’t even take it. Kayleen shot this way back in September, Apparently I was the only one who didn’t know. Now the real work begins and I’m gonna love every second of it.

Sayonara Sensia

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I am at a loss to hear that my hands-down favorite film will soon vanish.
Fuji has announced that they have stopped manufacturing the film due to the increase in production costs and the nose-dive demand over the years. I will try to have one of the rolls I have straight processed. Though I must admit I was a fan of its punchy yellow skin tones that seemed more comical than real, the pink grass and occasional purple sky. I will mourn the day I have to develop my last roll. But until that day each shot I take will be with both love and heartbreak.

I want to ride my bike

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Its been two months since I last had rolls developed. I’ve been bound to my work. It’s the end of summer and I haven’t been anywhere interesting. blechh.

LCA + Instant back

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I got to try out the LCA+’s newest accessory last Saturday at the lomo embassy. I wasnt sure if I wanted one but now, I’ll just pass on it. I took two shots that came out blank only to be told I was doing it all wrong. While the combination of a Minitar lens and instax gratification seems awesome. disassembling my camera seems to daunting for a klutz like me.The vignetting is crazy! I wish I tried the Wide angle lens on it. The distance setting takes some getting used too. I couldn’t take home the one good shot I took but I did manage to capture the one taken of me. I’ll just stick to my instax and maybe experiment on some filters.