This was one of my first projects with Kayleen

Sometimes I’m lucky enough to win  little contests here and there.Small things like the other year I needed a phone and won one from Motorola. Last year when I got the car I wanted to hook up my iPod to the stereo but didn’t have enough spare cash to buy a new head unit.So I joined pimp my ride and won a car stereo from MTV and Blaupunkt that let me do just that. One time, Erick encouraged me to join this mini contest and so I solicited the help of Kayleen. My idea was simple enough, but I lacked the art skills to  pull it off.

Here’s how we did it.

Print out photos or select old prints you wanna spruce up. If you’re about to head on out to have some printed, try using glossy paper and matt paper which react differently to strokes of your brush.

Gather the following: a bottle cap full of bleach, old news papers, a thin paint brush and some tissue paper to absorb excess bleach.

Dip your paint brush in the bleach and make sure to wipe off the excess liquid on the side. Be sure to try different strokes for various effects you may wanna get. Long strokes, short strokes and quick successive dabs will allow you to control the intensity of the bleach burn on your photos. You can outline details of the photo to make them stand out better or you can introduce new elements instead. Fancy a dinosaur behind a building? Why not! It doesn’t matter if you can draw well or if your skills are as crappy as mine. Just go at it and share your masterpiece when you’re done!



So with this idea,  we won a Diana Hong Meow from Photo Jojo!

I also turned this into a submission for piggie points a couple of years back.


~ by halfawakehaiku on March 6, 2012.

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  1. Now that’s creativity.

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