Creative Defibrillator

Earlier this year, Kayleen had this idea of producing collaborations and little projects throughout the year. She reasoned that since we’re together most of the time, we should come up with things as collaborators. Kinda like John or Yoko but me taking on the Yoko part since she loves Lennon more. I have to admit I have been remiss with my analog cameras, shooting but rarely developing and posting stuff online. This year one of the goals of the project is to get our stuff out there maybe come up with a solo exhibit if the concept and output is strong enough.

The first project started out as a gift of sorts to kayleen. She relayed how maybe she should bring her records over so we can listen to them together. I thought the idea was really nice, since I have always heard of how she talks of her love of LP’s but never got to experience listening to old records for enjoyment.

turntable rack sketch
The drawing above, is a sketch of a rack I wanted to build to house her turntable and records.That’s three years worth of drafting assignments in highschool down the drain.Penmanship is still crapola.

This massive computer cabinet we used at the old office was torn apart last year to make a TV rack and there was enough left over pieces that I initially wanted to make into a podium for TDC but lately, they haven’t my favorite bunch of coconuts.

The result is a three level rack with space for a record crate,a turntable and some of my oldest Cameras, The Yashica D, The Yashica Half 17 and the Lubitel 2.

I used the circular saw we have at the warehouse and had some little help with putting it together. I varnished the rack in a deep Walnut brown to match most of our house furniture. If you’ve ever been to our house you’ll see the Polly pocket yellow walls are diffused by an an old asian theme for decor and furniture.

The project isn’t complete yet but it’s looking pretty spiffy.While I write about the turntable rack, the real creative project is turning me to learning all about old records. Which I really must say, like my love for film is a completely different dish once you taste it. On the weekend we are going on a day trip to hunt for more records. Welcome me back, my analog world.


~ by halfawakehaiku on March 2, 2012.

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