Kata Dream Bag Challenge

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Click on Photo for a larger view

Click on Photo for a larger view

This is my Entry to the Kata Design your Dream Bag Challenge. My concept is a bag that is not only functional, I mean anyone can design padding and wide straps.
I want a bag that is truly secure, discreet and kick ass. It manages your gear and tracks them using small RFID stickers commonly used for cargo inventory.The RFID tech now is really growing rapidly and has even been used with some iPod accessories and applications. The Ballistic nylon will be lined with wires that will detect if the fabric is being compromised, while the zipper will have magnetic sensors to detect if they are being opened forcefully or by normal means.

I don’t know if I’ll win but I have a pretty good feeling about the design. The drawing is crappy but the concept is solid.

I conceptualized it first than tried to find out if there was anything out there similar to my idea.
Proof of Concept:
iPod RFID interaction

Fabric Pressure Sensor


Zipper Sensors


~ by halfawakehaiku on February 17, 2010.

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